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By Dana S. Mar The North American Post

Kisenosato Aims for Yokozuna Promotion

The Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament will begin Sunday, providing Ozeki Kisenosato the platform on which he might be able to become the first Japanese born top-ranked sumo in 18 years as Mongolian wrestlers Hakuho, Harumafuji and Kakuryu currently reign over the sumo-wrestling scene. Hakuho holds a 29-match unbeaten record, needing only 13 more victories to become the third in history with 1,000 wins. He will be the biggest hurdle to the aspiring Kisenosato, who lost his match against Hakuho in the Osaka Grand Sumo Tournament in March.

Emperor Akihito Allegedly Abdicating for Japan

For the first time in 200 years, since Emperor Kokaku in 1817, the Emperor of Japan might be abdicating. According to sources within the Imperial Household Agency, Emperor Akihito has stated he believes his age is impeding his performance. Crown
Prince Naruhito, 56, is expected to take on more responsibilities as the current Emperor and Empress lessen public appearances, guests at the Imperial Palace and interactions with various sections of government. In recent years the Emperor’s health has been a subject of concern, but it is is generally believed that he is relatively healthy.

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