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2016 Tule Lake Pilgrimage to Be Held on July 1 – 4

By The North American Post Staff

The 2016 Tule Lake Pilgrimage, “Our Hallowed Ground,” will be held from July 1 through 4.

According to the Tule Lake Committee this 21st pilgrimage, “honors our forebears imprisoned at this civil rights site of protest and sorrow–where Japanese Americans who said “No” to America’s injustice were segregated and punished for their dissent.”

Activities will include a tour of the Tule Lake camp site, a memorial service and intergenerational discussion groups intended to provide open forums in which to learn, share experiences and help heal the multi-generational wounds of the incarceration. The final night’s closing cultural program is open to the public and will be held at the Ross Ragland Theater in downtown Klamath Falls.

Registration is $475 per person and $325 for those on fixed incomes or students. Former Tule Lake incarcerees 80 years of age or older are $250, and grants are available to assist with the cost. The fee is all-inclusive and covers charter bus transportation, standard double-occupancy lodging, meals and all activities during the four-day pilgrimage. 4-bedroom/4-person suites are available for an extra charge of $50 per person. Participants will travel together in chartered buses that depart from Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Berkeley, San Jose, Union City and Sacramento and stay at the Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls.

Registration forms are available at the Tule Lake website, www. tulelake.org, and should be completed and mailed with a check. For more information or to have the registration forms mailed to you contact Hiroshi Shimizu at 415-566-2279, 415-317-2686 or shimizu@pacbell.net.