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Help The North American Post Mark 120 Years

“The North American Post is a community treasure. It captures the voices of our past and present, and propels us toward our future as people who simply ‘love things Japanese.’” — Lori Matsukawa, retired news anchor

The North American Post (NAP) has been a community treasure since its founding in 1902. With few exceptions, like during WWII, the paper has been published on a regular basis. Its main mission has always been to connect community members with the people and activities that are important to them.

As most of you know, the newspaper business has been a challenging one for the last decade. Despite those dire circumstances, NAP has continued to work diligently. Its financial picture had been improving for the past few years until the COVID pandemic hit. In alarming numbers, consumers tightened their belts and businesses curtailed their advertising or closed altogether. Although the paper has tried to do its best during the pandemic, it is now in the position of needing additional financial help so that it can continue operating through the year 2022 and beyond. With your help and generosity, “Friends of The North American Post” is now beginning a fundraising campaign with the goal of raising $50,000 by the end of this year.

The year 2022 is significant because it will mark the 120th Anniversary for the newspaper. One-hundred- and-twenty years is a long time for any company to be in the publishing business. Over the last 40 years, the success of NAP can be attributed to the strong and consistent support of Tomio Moriguchi. Even though there have been ups and downs along the way, Tomio has been determined to connect with each succeeding generation so that readers can experience the rich and storied history that is found within our diverse community.

Hear is how you can help:

  1. Contribute usinghttps://www.gofundme.com/f/save-nap


2. Make a donation with our Online Donation Form

3. Send your check to
The North American Post
P.O. Box 3173, Seattle, WA 98114

You may also support The North American Post by:

Here are some of the many reasons why we do not want to lose NAP…

As one of the few surviving JA newspapers in America, NAP articles and advertising connect community members

NAP’s website provides a platform to communicate Seattle’s JA stories and history to the world

Together with its sister paper “Soy Source,” NAP introduces JA history to Japanese Expats

Working with UW Library, the Hokubei Hochi Foundation has digitized NAP’s rich history

Since 2010, NAP’s annual Japan Tours have given over 150 members the opportunity to discover Japan

Arigato For Your Support!
Sponsored by Friends of NAP

  • Frank and Penny Fukui, Woodburn Company
  • Daniel Higa and Tom Ikeda, Densho
  • Elaine Ikoma Ko, Hokubei Hochi Foundation (volunteer)
  • Rev. Katsuya Kusunoki, Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple
  • Lori Matsukawa, retired news anchor
  • Denise Moriguchi, Uwajimaya
  • Gail M. Nomura and Steve Sumida, retired University of WA professors
  • The Honorable State Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos
  • Yuka Shimizu, Bellevue Children’s Academy/Willows Preparatory School
  • Randy Tada, North American Post and Hokubei Hochi Foundation
  • Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience