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New Year’s Greetings : Shoko Farmer Japan-America Society of the State of Washington

Japan-America Society

3010 77th Ave SE, Suite 102
Mercer Island, WA 98040
(206) 374-0180 jassw@jassw.org

Dear Friends,
新年明けましておめでとうございます。Happy New Year from the Japan America Society of the State of Washington (JASSW)! On July 24, 1923, the Japan Society of Seattle was formed by local businessmen, educators, and politicians, both Japanese and American, to foster “Peace in the Pacific.” Since then, the society has demonstrated unwavering commitment to its broader mission “to promote mutual understanding and friendship between the peoples of Japan and Washington State.”

As we begin 2024, JASSW is well positioned to continue “Building Bridges to the Next Century” through its essential work of deepening bonds between the two nations, fostering cultural understanding, inspiring younger generations to become future global leaders, and driving economic growth. Our mission is deep and takes a long-term outlook in developing meaningful investments and commitments.

Building community through exchanging ideas and culture at the grassroots level and creating positive experiences leading to mutual understanding are ongoing collaborations in which we all can participate. JASSW does this through programs in classrooms and boardrooms. Through lively discussions with community partners both in-person and virtually, we create opportunities to learn from and celebrate each other.

We welcome NAP readers to join our Society in its mission to bring communities together, ensuring that the bridges we construct today will foster continuing “Peace in the Pacific.” My hope is that our community circles will continue to expand outward, contributing to “Peace in the World.”

We wish you a year filled with joy, prosperity, and meaningful connections.