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New Year’s Greetings:Nisei Veterans Committee NVC Foundation

Nisei Veterans Committee NVC Foundation

NVC Memorial Hall
1212 S King Street
Seattle, WA 98144
(206) 322-1122


Another banner year has elapsed, and the NVC and NVCF are deeply grateful for your support, partnership, collaboration, and opportunity to educate and share the extraordinary legacy of the Japanese American service members who served during WWII.

We’ve traveled outside the local area (e.g., the 16th Annual PPALM General Membership Meeting and Reception in DC and the weeklong Association of the US Army’s President’s Reception). Our 78th consecutive Annual Memorial Day service at Lake View Cemetery was well attended. It was extraordinary that The Honorable Erika Moritsugu, Deputy Assistant to the President and Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Senior Liaison to the White House, was our distinguished speaker. We hosted the farewell for Consul General Inagaki and Mrs. Inagaki and a welcome event for incoming Consul General Iyori and Mrs. Iyori. Our partnership with the Japan-America Society of Washington’s Small Business Empowerment Academy will help empower Japanese and Japanese American small and microbusiness owners through our new status as a Commissary Kitchen, which will help generate revenue and support Washington state’s Small Business Resiliency Network.

The Nisei experience continues to inspire us and the Greater Seattle community as we build a better tomorrow by embracing this unique and special legacy. And we’ll continue to overcome and adapt to a new normal. The challenges attributed to COVID and an uncertain local and world economic outlook will only dare us to persist and endure in our mission through our programs and services.

Akemashite omedetuō gozaimasu as we enter the Year of the Dragon.
Michael J. Yaguchi, Lt Col, USAF (ret) Commander Shawn Brinsfield President