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New Year’s Greeting:Naomi Ostwald Kawamura Densho Executive Director

The Japanese American Legacy Project

1416 S. Jackson St.
Seattle, WA 98144

Dear friends,
Having just celebrated my one-year anniversary as Densho’s new Executive Director, I am so grateful for the opportunity to work alongside all of you to steward and uplift the legacies of our Japanese American communities.

As I reflect on my first year with Densho, I have been thinking deeply about the importance of preserving stories of Japanese American WWII incarceration for future generations. Human beings are storytellers, using narratives to make sense of our experiences. The stories we tell define us, guide our actions, and enrich our lives. I have also learned so much from witnessing my own father publicly share his experiences as a survivor of the Hiroshima bombing so that future generations, including my own daughter, can hear and learn from those who lived through history.

Through my own family’s experiences, I have always known the profound impact of sharing our stories as a practice of remembrance and an act of resilience, weaving together a shared history that connects us all. This is the essence of Densho’s work, and it is all made possible thanks to the power of community — so thank you for contributing to our collective memory-keeping efforts!

With warm wishes for a happy 2024,