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Letter to the Editor

A young Shig Tanagi His parents ran Tanagi Grocery pictured in the International District King Street map in Passing on the Fishing Gene They lived above the store

Gary Yamaguchi’s “Passing on the Fishing Gene” (Oct. 28) prompted Lynda Tanagi, daughter of Nisei fisherman Shig Tanagi, to send a few family photos, two of which are at right.

She writes, “Thanks for writing the nice piece in the North American Post about dad and fishing. I’ve included some pictures that I thought you might enjoy. …
“I miss him a lot.

Nisei fishermen from left Tanagi Tosh Tanemura and Giro Nakagawa Tanemura was the late husband of Peggy whom many readers know Nakagawa fled the toil of his fathers farm to instead till the sea Photos Tanagi family

“I looked on the back of the pictures, but could not find a date. I’m guessing the black and white is a picture of my dad in his teens. The ‘three friend’ picture is one I recognize from the Nakagawas oyster farm. They would head out from South Bend on Giro’s boat every year to fish the waters off Ilwaco.

Gary’s reply. “I’d say in the photo at left that these are both 30-plus male King salmon. The one in Shig’s right hand might go over 40 lbs.

“The photos with the threesome are also likely all king salmon due to their size. They appear to be from 15 to 30 pounds. These are largely females by their smaller mouths.”