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‘International Examiner’ 50th

By David Yamaguchi
The North American Post

IE 50th Anniversary July issue Photo DY

The IE 50th anniversary edition is in community news racks now. It merits reviewing for its updates on the Chinatown-International District today (drug overdose response, grafitti abatement) as well as its retrospective overview of the 1974-to-present period during which the CID became a neighborhood of activists. Seminal articles are present from many “old lions” (e.g., Gary Iwamoto, Ron Chew, Dean Wong, Alan Chong Lau) as well as more recent IE staffers.

Especially enviable is “the IE’s deep bench.” As described by Travis Quezon, IE board president, “Hundreds of writers, photographers, artists and columnists… make up the backbone of the IE. …”

A biweekly that normally prints during NAP’s “off weeks,” the two papers complement one another, in part because whenever one visits Asian-American community newsracks, there is generally a fresh paper to pick up. Like NAP, the IE is also hanging in there against the tide, although it has changed to monthly printing for the summer.

Not in competition, the staffs of the two papers communicate regularly, and help each other when they can. Both realize that their papers are swimming together against larger societal forces to stay in print.
Congratulations, IE, on reaching this great milestone!

International Examiner: https://iexaminer.org