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Mukai Seeks Vashon JA Descendants


Chicken farm Photo possibly taken on Vashon Island 1920 1925 Mimbu family Mary Amano on right<br >Photo Densho Ouchi Family Collection

Friends of Mukai, a nonprofit that has overseen the restoration of Mukai Farm & Garden, seeks to compile a directory of descendants of Vashon Island Japanese settlers and their families as part of its ongoing efforts to document and honor their history. Only about 30% of Vashon’s once thriving Japanese American community returned to the island after WWII ended. Mukai would like contact information to facilitate a connection between Vashon’s JA diaspora and their family stories. Mukai will not share this information with other organizations.

Before the war, there were over 30 farms on Vashon operated by JA families. JAs played a significant and visible role in Vashon’s economy, social and cultural life. Mukai Farm & Garden remains on Vashon as one of few intact JA farmsteads left in America. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it has become a beloved community gathering and learning place that celebrates the JA experience.

If you have, or know someone who has family roots on Vashon, please contact Joe Okimoto at okimoto.jt@gmail.com.