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LANDMARKS:::UW Medal of Honor Recipients Remembered on Veterans Day

By David Yamaguchi The North American Post

On Saturday, Nov. 12, a wreath adorned the UW Medal of Honor (MOH) monument, likely left on Veterans Day the day before. The monument recognizes eight former students awarded the rare honor from all U.S. wars. William K. Nakamura is the only one from WWII.

The face of the left rock, in shadow on p. 1, reads,

“Ordinary individuals
Facing extraordinary circumstances
With courage and selflessness
Answer the call
And change the course of destiny
Medal of Honor”

looking south over the monument towards Red Square
The face of the right UW Medal of Honor rock listing veterans names
A shimmering metal plaque at the nearby UW Speech Hearing Sciences Building commemorates the former location of the University Students Club for Nikkei students excluded from white fraternities 1417 NE 42nd St William K Nakamura lived there as a student The full text of the plaque is in the Oct 14 issue napostcom Photos DY
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