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MUKAI FARM & GARDEN Haiku Contest Winning Entries

Young Poet: Elsa Odegard, Vashon

Even when we think

we’re old, important, busy

let’s still be laughing

Heritage: Tomosumi, Bellevue

Strawberry fields

my ojiisan remembers

summertime kisses

Nature: Barbara Hoonan, Vashon

Like silk, the fog drifts,

concealing the outstretched arms

of ancient hemlocks

Reflections: Sebastian Chrobak,

 Bielsko-Biala, Poland

Friendship in progress

the taste of our strawberries

sweeter every day

Social Justice: (tied score)


When the Order came, they left

Hearts cracked, heads held high

— Julia Mark

Refugee shelter –

the orphan child spelling “home”

in a foreign tongue

— Dan Iulian

The poems are on display at Mukai Farm & Garden, Vashon Island, until May 31. Info: mukaifarmandgarden.org