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Auburn Memorial Day Buddhist Services

Auburn Pioneer Cemetery service, downtown Auburn. Photo: Joe Watanabe

By Joe Watanabe For The North American Post  

On Memorial Day May 30, Rev. James Warrick, who represents the White River Buddhist Temple, held Buddhist memorial services at four local cemeteries including Mountain View, Auburn Pioneer, Kent Hill Crest and Washington Memorial (SeaTac). Many who own family cemetery sites attended to offer flowers or incense and to refurbish their sites. 

Warrick’s message focused on historical events and Buddhist practices that deepen our appreciation of our rich heritage. The services included the chanting of two sutras: the welcoming sutra ”Sambuca”(conch in Sanskrit) with its gesture of scattering flowers and the observance sutra “Juseige” (Three Sacred Vows). Everyone had an opportunity to participate in Oshoko (incense burning), in front of the portable shine, which expresses the symbolic purifying of our hearts and minds to receive truth “as it is.”