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Third Annual U.S.-Japan ‘Seijin-Shiki’ Coming of Age Celebration

The "Coming of Age" ceremony is a great opportunity to get dressed up and learn something new

Step into adulthood the Japanese way! JIA Foundation will host the third annual Seijin-Shiki USA, the US-Japan Friendship Coming of Age Celebration, on January 16. The event welcomes participants in-person in Bellevue and virtually from anywhere in the USA. The ceremony is held in English.

Seijin-shiki, the Japanese coming of age celebration, is held every January across Japan. It is an opportunity for emerging young adults, new Seijin, to be recognized and welcomed into society. 

Not merely a dress-up occasion, the gathering includes inspirational addresses by notable “senpai,” elders whom you can look up to. In 2021, the US-Japan senpai included a Japanese astronaut, an infectious disease specialist, and an Olympic athlete (napost.com, Jan. 2021). 

The US-Japan Friendship Coming of Age Celebration is endorsed by the Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle and the Japan Foundation.

Over age 21? You can still participate by supporting Seijin-shiki USA. Fundraising is underway to make the event an everlasting memory that new Seijin can cherish throughout their lives. You can also view the celebration on YouTube Livestream.

JIA Foundation has brought the tradition to the USA. Its event is an opportunity to share and experience Japanese culture and to build friendships among the Seijin “Class of 2022.”

The JIA Foundation was started in 2014 to meet the needs of the current wave of Japanese immigrants and expats who greatly benefit from Japanese language-specific services. “JIA” stands for Japanese in America and is defined as those of any race and nationality who appreciate Japanese culture and values. Community, education, and identity are the key components of JIA programs. JIA Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and is operated solely by volunteers.

Third Annual US-Japan Seijin-Shiki

Sun Jan. 16, 1 – 3 PM

Eligibility: US residents born between Jan. 2000 and Mar. 2002.

Pre-registration is required. Choose to attend in-person (Carlson Theater, Bellevue College) or by Zoom from anywhere in the US. 

In-person: The first 100 registrants will be accepted. Requirements:

•Submit a copy of COVID-19 vaccination card at registration.

•Wear a mask and maintain social distancing during the event.

Online: The first 200 registrants will receive original “Seijin” certificates and mementos in the mail.

Both: The first 150 who submit their photos will be recognized as 2022 Seijin in the video presented at the celebration.



Online Donation:


Further info:

seijinusa.org / social media @SeijinUSA / contact@seijinusa.org

Previous celebrations:


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