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Mother’s Day〜JCCCW’s Omoide

By Joan Seko

My Dear Daughter:

You may not know me as well but I know everything about you. I have loved you every minute for the past twenty-five years. I’m familiar with all your ways. For you are my offspring. I did not make a mistake. All your days, weeks, months and years are imbedded in my brain. You are wonderfully made.

I met you in my womb and later when I gave birth. You are part of me as well as your father’s genes and worth. You are my child and I am your mother. I tried to provide and meet all your desires. I planned for your future and I gave you my everlasting love and devotion.

You are my treasured possession. I am your greatest encourager. I comforted you when you had troubles and woes. I carried you close to my heart and being. I tried to gently wipe away each tear from your soul. I love you. I am your Mother and always will be. Will you continue to be my child?

I will love you unconditionally. I will never close the open door. Can you understand how much I cherish you? You will never feel abandoned because of some of your addictions and failures. I will be your Rock of Gibraltar when you are in need.

I will never condemn you. Your spirit is entwined with mine. Please honor me as I honor you through your lifetime.

You are my inspiration and I hope I am the same to you. You will have gladness and sadness in your years to come. Combat the evil and reach out to the goodness and be generous without greed.

I am for you not against you. I will always rally for your cause. I will try to put a joyous song into your heart. May you grow and thrive and meet the love of your dreams. Marriage and children will keep you happy and alive.

My days may be numbered but I still have many aspirations. The continuation of our family tree brings brightness and happy memories. Photographs, letters, and report cards are part of the past. New births and sorrowful deaths are today’s world. That is “the way it is.”

Love between a mother and her child is “the way it is.” I pray it will be forever and ever. Eternity may seem a long time, but in the way of our universe, it is only a blink of an eye. I will love you until the end of my time.


Joan Seko has three daughters and two sons.

Editor’s note: Omoide [Memories]is a writing group at the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington (jcccw.org). During the pandemic, the group continues to meet independently by Zoom on third Saturdays, 1-4 PM;  new members are welcome. Info: Dee Goto,  deegoto@gmail.com.