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Minidoka 20th, Densho 25th

Gloria Shigeno (right) explains the National Historic Site to Emily Momohara (left), in a scene from "Origin Story of the Minidoka Pilgrimage"

Minidoka 20th, Densho 25th

Since last issue, two milestones of significance to Northwest Nikkei have been passed. The Minidoka National Historic Site, Idaho, marked its 20th anniversary on January 17th. On that day, the National Park Service and Friends of Minidoka commemorated the event with three remarkable internet livecasts. For those who missed the broadcasts, all remain posted as follows:

“Minidoka Survivors Panel Discussion” (YouTube, Japanese American Memorial Pilgrimages channel, 1 hour, 38 min.);

“The Origin Story of Minidoka National Historic Site” (ditto, 1 hour, 45 min.); and

“The Origin Story of the Minidoka Pilgrimage,” (Facebook, Friends of Minidoka, 1 hour, 43 min.).

Four of six participants in the Origin Story of Minidoka livecast

In January, Densho, the electronic archive of our community’s past and present, also reached its 25th anniversary. The January Densho newsletter, online, notes that we will hear more about it later this year.

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