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Eating Vegan at Seattle Japanese Restaurants, Destinations 4-6

Vegan Crispy Sushi Rice Burger Photo: Shiro’s Sushi Instagram

By Raechel Kundert For The North American Post


224 Broadway E, Seattle, 98102 (Capitol Hill). Open 11 am-9 pm. Dine in, takeout, or delivery (Grubhub, Doordash, UberEats). 206-588-2051.

Vegan Chirashi Sushi<br >Photo Rondo Instagram

Rondo has a great selection of vegan items, but the star is definitely their Vegan Maze-Udon! With inaniwa noodles as a base, this dish is topped with kale-and-garlic puree, kale couscous, garlic flakes, mizuna, aonori potato, cherry tomato, corn, and deep fried tofu. They also have Vegan Chirashi Sushi, topped with tofu, nori, edamame, cucumber, cherry tomato, and more!

If you’re still hungry, or if you want some smaller plates, they also offer a vegan roll, fresh shredded cabbage with black olives and a dried tomato dressing, and flash-fried portabella mushrooms tossed in sweet balsamic, accompanied by kale-and-garlic puree and lemon.

Rondo is constantly on the forefront of innovation with their dishes, so keep your eyes peeled for future additions to the menu. Rondo is affiliated with Tamari Bar and Suika (temporarily closed), each of which have their own vegan options.

Shiro’s Sushi

2401 2nd Ave, Seattle, 98121 (Belltown). Daily, 11 am-3 pm & 4:30-8 pm. Takeout or Delivery (Caviar, Grubhub, UberEats). 206-443-9844.

Shiro’s Sushi has unique vegan options, and their newest addition is by far the most novel. The Vegan Crispy Sushi Rice Burger is crispy tofu, avocado, and vegetables smothered in a vegan creamy sauce and sandwiched between two crispy sushi rice buns. If you miss the edamame puree from Blue C Sushi (closed), fret not: Shiro’s offers edamame hummus with wonton chips to fill that hole in your heart (and stomach)! Another item exclusive to Shiro’s is the Vegan Superfood Bowl: quinoa, edamame, fresh and grilled vegetables, croutons, and a creamy vegan dressing. Although the vegan options end with avocado and cucumber rolls, Shiro’s is worth a visit for these specialty items!

Shiro’s Sushi is also Seattle’s first Edomae-style restaurant, with a Pacific Northwest twist. They were recently named one of 100 restaurants that America can’t afford to lose due to the pandemic by “Esquire.” Help ensure that Shiro’s stays open by ordering a meal from them!


1522 12th Ave, Seattle, 98122 (Capitol Hill). Daily, 4-8 pm. Takeout, with limited open-air seating at the bar, or delivery (Caviar). 206-457-4068.

Courtyard featuring a tsukubai outside the dining room Momiji Instagram

Momiji is a paradise for vegan diners. They have four vegan specialty rolls: Wonderland Roll, Tottoroll, Lucky Leprechaun, and Rising Sun. They also offer many simple, yet unique nigiri and sushi rolls, like pickled gourd, grilled enoki, roasted bell pepper, kanpyo, oshinko, and more. In fact, everything under the vegetarian rolls/sushi section of the menu is vegan, except for the Green Decadence roll! If you’re overwhelmed with decisions, you can leave it up to the chef by ordering a Veggie Sushi Sampler: nigiri omakase and a veggie roll.

While it’s easy to fill up on sushi at Momiji, be sure to save room for some izakaya items as well. Vegan-friendly non-sushi items include salads, tomato or ginger tofu, enoki, shishito, or portabella yaki (ask for no butter), and yasai tenzaru.

For the full Momiji experience, visit when dine-in is safe again. With a beautiful courtyard garden visible from any table, complete with a tsukubai (bamboo and stone wash basin), it’s sure to transport you straight to Japan.

Momiji is affiliated with Umi Sake House (Belltown) and Matsu (Pioneer Square). While Matsu’s vegan options are limited, Umi Sake House offers just about as many options as Momiji, with many items available at both restaurants. Umi Sake House does have an exclusive special roll (the Ladybug Roll), so make sure to swing by some time if you’re ever in Belltown.

If you’re hungry after reading about these restaurants, go grab some food from one of them and support local small businesses while you’re at it! Please continue to check each restaurant’s website for updates on their COVID operations and hours as guidelines change.

Editor’s notes. A vegan diet involves eating only plant-based foods (no meat, eggs, or dairy). It is stricter than vegetarianism, where many adherents still consume eggs and dairy. Restaurants 1-3 are in the Feb. 26 and Mar. 12 issues.