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Making It Personal

Social gatherings are generally associated with good friends, food, and beverages. It is also a given that special occasions require these elements and more. Quite often music and entertainment get to go along for the ride. When there is something special on the menu, humans like to share the consumables and this is a wonderful thing. Although other animal species are social such as dolphins, felines, and monkeys, humans take social interaction to the ultimate level above and beyond what other mammals and fish can ever accomplish.

There is another perspective on eating that might seem a bit decadent but America is the ‘bread basket of the world’ and we take our food quite seriously. I’m not talking about diabetics or high blood pressure but the enjoyment of truly scrumptious foods like rare prime rib that melts in your mouth, oysters Rockefeller, or double dark chocolate cake with ice cream. It seems that there are times when we want to devour these items whether with company or all alone. The taste sensations can be more than sufficient to make it a good day for many. It can be noted that one does not have to mind their manners when eating alone either. Some people claim that messy foods are the best and best eaten alone.

When it comes to music, we usually think of it as a social experience like at a concert hall, night club, or dance party. However, in my experience there are some musical styles that are very socially oriented and there are some songs that are quite meaningful to perhaps only a few individuals. If you think about it, music can be quite versatile in its application. When we find a song that really fits our mood we usually don’t care if anyone else out there wants to hear it. Like a main course, a book, or a poem, music can be very adaptable and I find there are times when you need it to soothe your soul.

[Editor’s Note]
Deems Tsutakawa is a local Sansei musician. He can be reached at deemst@deemsmusic.com.