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Kimono Show held at Japan Fair

by Minami Okada, translated by Misa Murohashi

Japan Fair 2017 was held at Meydenbauer Convention Center in Bellevue on July 8th and 9th. At the site, Kimono Show attracted hundreds of people. Two kimono masters, Yu Ugawa and hair master Hiroshi Nakazawa from Japan were invited to produce the show. Both kimono masters have been involved in multiple projects demonstrating the beauty of the kimono in western countries. The show was themed as a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony. Models appeared with traditional ceremonial kimono attire for bride and groom, as well as invited guests. The beautiful bride first appeared in “shiromuku,” an all-white kimono commonly seen in Shinto weddings. In the middle
of the show, the bride left the stage for “oironaoshi,” a change of kimono dress, then appeared in splendid red “uchikake.” Uchikake is a traditional style of kimono, which samurai princesses and high society female used to wear for special occasions. Audiences applauded each time different models appeared in various kinds of stunning kimono.

For more information about the show and Kimono experience in the Seattle area, visit www.kimonoart.org.

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