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Celebrate Asia 2017, Synopsis

Photo by Andy Ahlstrom

By Asher Ramras

Celebrate Asia 2017, in its ninth year, took place Friday, May 12, 2017 at Benaroya Hall and was a veritable feast for the senses for Seattle’s Asian community. This year Japanese and Indian artists had the spotlight as Conductor Shizuo Z Kuwahara and the Seattle Symphony Orchestra opened the program with iconic works from the scores of the thrilling original “Godzilla” and “Nami no Bon” (Lantern Festival of the Waves), a deeply moving piece. Anticipation was high for the showcase of Grammy® and Academy Award® winning film composer A.R. Rahman’s well -known works, including “Slumdog Millionaire”, as well as the world premier of his first-ever orchestral piece “The Flying Lotus”. Performances by local dance troupes and musical groups bookended the lively event featuring energetic and interactive presentations, vibrant traditional dress and authentic rhythms from across Asia. Seattle is extremely lucky to be able to honor the rich artistic traditions of our Asian community on such a unique night as Celebrate Asia and we are all looking forward to the sites, sounds and rhythms in the coming year.

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Asher Ramras is a freelance interpreter and translator, most recently of Aritsugu: An Inside Look at Kyoto’s Renowned Knife Maker Since 1560, and currently works at Sushi Kashiba in Seattle historic Pike Place Market.

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