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Nagomi Features Japan Food

Above left: Variety of creative foods parepard by Takeyuki Suetsugu are displayed. Bottom left: A bento box featuring nagaimo. Right: Takeyuki Suetsugu o f B i s t r o S a t s u m a demonstrates how to use nagaimo for home cooking. Photos by Maiya Gessling

By The North American Post Staff

Aomi Prefecture sponsored the Nagaimo (mountain yam) Food Festival at the Nagomi Tea House on Jan. 25 featuring a variety of dishes prepared by local chef Takeyuki Suetsugu of Bistro Satsuma in Gig Harbor.

“As we introduce various ideas of how to eat nagimo, I hope we can find new markets and new customers who have never tried this food,” said Masahiko Osanai, executive senior chief in the International Trade Division of the prefecture.

Monday’s menu included steamed soba with grated nagimo, yamabuki fried nagaimo, fusion pizza with nagaimo and bacon and kenchin steamed salmon and nagaimo

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