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JACL Seattle Publishes Japanese American Directory in 1965

Original Issue Date: Aug. 12, 1965

Translated by

The North American Post Staff

The community has demanded a new directory of the Japanese Americans and businesses in the Seattle area since The North American Post published the “Northwest Japanese American Directory” in 1956.

The Japanese American Citizens League Seattle Chapter made a special effort to complete the new phone book and printed 3,200 copies for free distribution.

“The Greater Seattle Japanese American Directory” is a 30-page, compact phone book, which has a blue front page with a pine tree design and the back page has a calendar of 1965 and 1966.

The contents start with emergency contact information including the police and fire department and the JACL Seattle board members and table of contents page. The following pages include Japanese American names, addresses and phone numbers in alphabetical order and the Nikkei businesses, organizations, churches and others. According to the JACL Seattle, the directory must cover as much Japanese American information as possible.

The project was directed by chair Roy Seko and progressed with volunteer support by the JACL members. The JACL Seattle Chapter funded printing and distribution costs but a letter with the phone book states that donations for this project will be a great help. There is also a hope that community support will be needed for the JACL to continue publishing the phone book for the future.

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