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Being a Yonsei

By Dana S. Mar
The North American Post

Being yonsei has been a journey towards settling with a different duality than the kind that has both plagued and blessed generations before me. I look to my elders and less-so-elders for the wisdom of life. They would not always so easily give me all the easy answers, but the perspective of a new generation is more than a simple question and its simple answer. It is not something I can ask my parents or grandparents.

As time moves, so do human minds quicken with new ideas. It has become evident—with the introduction of faster, more efficient technologies—that human kind is growing and progressing at a near-exponential rate. What was new only a year ago has already become an ancient relic turned retro throwback
ever faster than we can recall. I was born into the first buds of this era with my latter-half 20th century parents in one eye and, in the other, the new age of the World Wide Web, more powerful
than ever before and much, much more viral. Growing up, I learned about the analog gadgets cast in the shadow of digitization, but my spongy brain soaked up that digital world just as eagerly. I find myself stuck between love of an era I never saw and dreams of an era of which I will only see the beginnings.