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Letter to the Editor : Searching for Ruth Nomura

Hello NA Post team,

One of your contributors, David Yamaguchi, suggested that I send this to you. I’m a writer in Seattle. I grew up here, and from age 12 until my late-40s I worked with Ruth Nomura, the director of the Northwest Crafts Center. Ruth made me into a writer, really; she was the adult in my life who showed me the world that I wanted to grow up into. I’ve been away from Seattle for two decades, and when I returned I was very sad to learn that Ruth passed away in 2020.

When I read David Yamaguchi’s very informative piece in the North American Post about Ruth, it made me eager to speak with anyone who knew Ruth well, especially during the time that she and Scott Hattori ran Haru, their shop on Capitol Hill (circa 1955-1962).

Obviously I’m working the edge of “living memory,” wanting to find willing old people who were adults (or kids, like me, who hung out in interesting places) seventy years ago, and who could tell me more about the shop and Ruth and Scott. How to find them?

I wrote to ask David, and he suggested writing to you. Is it possible to share my query with your online audience? Thank you for your time and any help that you can give me. My contact information is below.

With gratitude,

Matthew Stadler
323 16th Avenue East #302
Seattle, WA, 98112
(206) 561-2663