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Effective Ways to Provide Relief to Noto Peninsula

By NAP staff
The North American Post

The people of the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, are still struggling to recover after the devastating 7.5-magnitude earthqake that struck the region on New Year’s Day. How can we help?

The National Association of Japan-America Societies (NAJAS) recommends that large-scale donors reach out to Peace Wind America.

“Members of Peace Winds’ airborne search-and-rescue team, ARROWS, were dispatched to the disaster zone on January 1,” the organization said on its website. “ARROWS doctors, nurses and disaster professionals are currently on the ground along with helicopters and search-and-rescue dogs. Immediately following the disaster, aid included search-and-rescue efforts and emergency medical support. As the situation progresses, Peace Winds plans to provide mid- and long-term support, including ongoing medical and mental health care, distribution of essential supplies (such as food, water, and hygiene items), support for evacuees, and more long-term projects to help affected communities rebuild.”

Three weeks after the quake, 220 people are confirmed dead and tens of thousands have been displaced from their homes, according to Peace Winds. More than 40 members of the Peace Winds team are still on the ground to offer supplies and medical care in an around Suzu City.

To make a donation to Peace Winds, visit https://peacewindsamerica.org/support-pwa/donate/

NAJAS recommends that smaller donors consider going through Global Giving, “which facilitates giving from the U.S. and elsewhere outside of Japan that is tax deductible in the United States, and which, in turn, itself has a strong relationship with Peace Winds.”

Global Giving acts as a connector of donors and nonprofits. To learn more about how it works, go to globalgiving.org.