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New Year’s Greetings : Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple 浄土真宗本願寺派 シアトル別院 Rev. Katsuya Kusunoki

Rev. Katsuya Kusunoki

Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple
浄土真宗本願寺派 シアトル別院 

1427 S Main St, Seattle, WA 98144
(206) 329-0800

Dear Readers,
On behalf of the Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple, I wish each of you a happy and healthy new year.

Rev Katsuya Kusunoki

As 2023 closes, I reflect upon the various events occurring around the world — the Ukraine war is still transpiring; another war broke out in Israel. Hatred is rising in people’s minds and clashing with each other. I am afraid that this world will continue being divided into two halves. Buddhism is the teaching of being freed from a cycle of suffering and a chain of hatred, and pursuing the state of perfect tranquility (satori, enlightenment).

While walking the Buddhist Path, we learn the teaching of interdependency, rather than dividing friend and foe. We understand the view of oneness rather than the dualistic view. Our lives, beliefs, cultures, traditions, and histories differ, yet we all live together in this world. Everyone is connected and interacting with each other. It is the Buddhist path to awaken Buddha-nature (universal truth) and our Bonbu-nature (ordinary being, imperfect self).

I strongly wish for all wars to cease immediately. It is my sincere hope that the year 2024 will begin a chapter of peace and tranquility. Together, we can work towards creating a world where all Bonbu can live in harmony.

With Palms Together (Gassho),

Rev. Katsuya Kusunoki, Rimban
Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple