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New Year’s Greetings : Konko Church of Seattle 金光教シアトル教会 Rev. Robert Giulietti

Rev. Robert Giulietti

Konko Church of Seattle

1713 South Main Street Seattle, WA 98144
(206) 325-4498

Greetings. Congratulations on another year filled with divine blessings. Konkokyo celebrated its 140th Anniversary since the founder passed away and transformed his presence in this world from a physical to a spiritual one. While alive, the Divine Parent instructed our dear Founder to give teachings to people and help them understand the nature of their relationships with Kami and people. One of these solemn teachings revealed that, “The moon may disappear behind clouds, but it is still there.

Rev Robert Giulietti

Konko Daijin also has a physical form, and before long the day will come when it will also disappear. Even though my body is gone, I will still be here. Konko Daijin shall live forever.” It is comforting to know that the living spirit of the Founder continues to help bring people closer to Kami Sama to this day, 140 years after this event.

In North America, we have been blessed to offer this Way of sacred mediation through the work of the eternal divine mediator, Ikigami Konko Daijin, since 1928 when the first Konko Church in North America (Seattle) was established. Let us all practice faith and receive divine blessings throughout 2024. HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL!

Sincerely, Rev. Robert Giulietti, Head Minister