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Dee Goto, 32 Years of Memories


Dee Goto with plaque It reads Thanks to Dee Goto for continuing leadership to the Omoide Writing Program 1991 2023 JCCCW Photo DY

On August 19, members of the JCCCW Omoide writer’s group began their monthly meeting by presenting Dee Goto with a plaque thanking her for her three decades of leadership to them. Perhaps most widely known for its book series, now comprising five volumes, contributions from Omoide writers have also appeared in these pages, most commonly as Voices columns on page 3.
In addition to attending Omoide meetings, readers can also go hear Goto and other members read their work at the coolest coffee shop in the city, Panama Hotel Tea & Coffee, at Sixth and Main in the International District, first Sundays, 11 AM – 1 PM.
Info: deegoto@gmail.com.