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Washin Kai Presents “Visions of the Katsura Imperial Villa”


Katsura Imperial Villa garden Photo Raphael Azevedoo Franca public domain

Winter-lethargic readers! It’s time to get out your pens and notebooks for the spring Washin Kai lecture. The annual event gently guides us through the Japanese past.

The titular “Katsura Imperial Villa” refers to a famed garden along the Katsura River in western Kyoto. Commissioned by two generations of princes of the Hachijō Imperial Family in the seventeenth century, the garden embodies the ideals of tea master and artist, Kobori Enshū. It stands as an emblematic expression of both sukiya style (teahouse) architecture and modern design.

This Washin Kai event will be a lecture by Professor Ken Oshima of University of Washington’s Department of Architecture, with participation by Professor Paul Atkins (Department of Asian Languages and Literature) and Washin Kai member and architect, Hiroshi Matsubara.

A hybrid event, registration is required, as is usual for all UW events.
Washin Kai is a group of volunteers that supports the study of classical Japanese literature in the Department of Asian Languages & Literature. A new YouTube video provides a sense of what the literature is about and why it matters.

UW Washin Kai, “Visions of the Katsura Imperial Villa” with Professor Ken Oshima, Wed Apr 19, 7 – 8:30 PM.
Gowen Hall 301, UW main campus, or by Zoom. FREE
Registration: https://asian.washington.edu/washin-kai-presents-lectures-and-events
YouTube: UW Asian Languages & Literature channel, “Learn Classical Japanese at the University of Washington!” (6 min).