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Mural Repainted

By David Yamaguchi
The North American Post

From upper left by row: Kelan Sato holds paint for Gia Nguyen. Others painting in the background include Angela Nguyen and Mihana Allison. Artist Erin Shigaki. Nisei ancestors. Photos: DY

ON JUNE 25, Erin Shigaki repainted much of her University District mural of UW Nisei to repair damage from graffiti and weather.

The graffiti is “Unceasing! Constant! Incessant!” she says.

Shigaki was aided by students from the Garfield High School Asian Pacific Islander Student Union (APISU), who were picking up community service credits.

While painting, the students shared their perspectives. Notably, they are attending school in the face of severe budget cuts, which threaten programs such as foreign languages.
Throughout, the ancestors silently looked on. The mural is at BB’s Teriyaki Grill, 4221 University Way NE.

Info:New University District Nikkei Student Mural” (napost.com, Aug. 2021)