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NEWS BYTES September 22nd Issue


By David Yamaguchi
The North American Post

Certificate of Commendation

On September 12, MARY OHNO received a certificate of commendation (日本国総領事、表彰状 )from Japanese Consul-General Hisao Inagaki in recognition of her many years of teaching Japanese classical dance, shamisen, kimono dressing and Japanese language at Kabuki Academy, which she founded in Tacoma.

Of Ohno, Inagaki said, ” Her life’s work has contributed greatly to the promotion of cultural exchange between Japan and the United States.”

Farewell Consul-General

Consul General Hisao Inagaki and wife Yuki pose with the Bellevue College Japanese Culture Exchange Club The student group hosts BC Japan Week Photo DY

On September 15, representatives of 24 Nikkei community organizations gathered at the Nisei Veterans Hall to say good-bye and take photos with Consul-General Hisao Inagaki and his wife Yuki, who will be returning to Japan shortly. They arrived here in July 2020, when the consul began making one origami crane a day to mark his time in Seattle. As of the farewell gathering day, he had made 1051 tsuru.

“I hope to continue to use my Instagram to keep in touch,” Inagaki said.

‘beyond generations’

PODCASTER Monica has begun the second season of her audio series on Japanese Americans from a Japanese perspective.

Episode 5 features a 45-minute interview with Tacoma-based writer Tamiko Nimura (released Sep. 5).

The Seattle-focused series lists in “the top 15 best JA podcasts worth listening to in 2023.”