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Kirkland Rotary Central Station is a reconstructed Northern Pacific Railroad          Station (1 RR Ave, Kirkland). The local Rotary deserves credit for adding signage acknowledging it as a collection point for sending Eastside Japanese Americans to WWII incarceration camps. Related Day of Remembrance events are in Calendar for this issue.

Bruddahs an sistas! Mo betta you hele on down to Hawaii General Store & HGS Travel! Get planny stuffs from da Islands (258 NE 45th, Seattle).

Photos: David Yamaguchi
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David Yamaguchi is a third-generation Japanese American [Sansei]. He has written for the Post since 2006, at first as a volunteer, later as a paid freelancer. He joined the paper's staff in May 2020, when he began learning how articles flow from Word files through layout to social media.