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ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence (AI) software, has been much in the news of late. The consensus among professional writers is that it doesn’t displace them. But one question that has not been asked is, how good is ChatGPT at English-Japanese translation? To answer this, these sentences were written in English by myself, then translated by ChatGPT, then sent to Japanese editor Hikari Kono. What do you think?
— David Yamaguchi

最近、人工知能(AI)ソフトウェアのChatGPTが話題となっています。プロのライターたちの間では、ChatGPTは彼らを置き換えるものではないというのが一致した見解です。しかし、まだ質問されていないのは、ChatGPTの英日翻訳の精度はどれくらいなのかということです。この質問に答えるために、これらの文章は私自身によって英語で書かれ、その後ChatGPTによって翻訳され、そして日本の編集者であるHikari Konoに送られました。 どう思いますか?
− デビッド・ヤマグチ

It’s very good, but I can tell it has been done by AI. It’s like it would kill me to read an entire book translated by this and I don’t think I can finish it.
8.8 out of 10 I’d say.
— Hikari

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David Yamaguchi is a third-generation Japanese American [Sansei]. He has written for the Post since 2006, at first as a volunteer, later as a paid freelancer. He joined the paper's staff in May 2020, when he began learning how articles flow from Word files through layout to social media.