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Thanking Seattle’s Japanese American Community

Misa Murohashi with Mayor-Elect Bruce Harrell and NAP Publisher Tomio Moriguchi, at the AAPI celebration party for the first Asian and Black Mayor of Seattle, Dec. 2021.

By Misa Murohashi The North American Post

My last day at North American Post Publishing, Inc. was April 15th. First of all, I would like to thank all readers of The Post who have supported the publishing of this historical newspaper. 

During my five years working for the company, I learned so much about the history of Japanese Americans in the Pacific Northwest. As a Japanese expat who lives in the region working and raising children, I found all the stories about JA history encouraging. Each detailed story of how Issei achieved their success while encountering discrimination, how Nisei proved their loyalty as both Japanese and American during the hard times of their WWII internment, and how Sansei empowered Japanese and pan-Asian communities in American society while working together with other minority groups just amazed me. Although I will be leaving the company, I would like to continue learning JA stories and encouraging other Japanese people to discover them as well. While Japan is becoming a more diverse society, I believe there are many things for Japanese people to learn from JA history. 

I would like to thank the company’s owner, president Tomio Moriguchi, who has been making The Post’s continuing publication possible. While the business environment for small community newspapers is quite difficult today, the Post would not be here without his dedication to this business since the 1980s. 

I will stay in Seattle, working in the video game industry, where I used to be before having my children. I will continue reading the Post and may bump into some of you at the many local Japanese community events!

Misa Murohashi was General Manager of The North American Post Publishing, Inc., overseeing the production and business team of The Post and its sister paper “Soy Source,” from February 2017 through April 2022.

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Misa Murohashi is Editor-in-chief of The North American Post and general manager of North American Post Publishing Inc. Born and raised in Japan, she moved the Seattle area in 2005. She earned a master's degree in Urban Planning from the University of Washington in 2016 and has been at the current position since 2017. She often writes about urban issues and Japanese American early immigration history in the Seattle Area.