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Seattle Art Fair 2022

Oshima Fine Art:“Gorotsuki Nobirou” and “Yokogushi no Oshizu” by Kazuhiro Yamamoto. Photo: RN

By Reika Nishiyama For The North American Post

The Seattle Art Fair was held from July 21 to 24 at Lumen Field Event Center (next to Century Link Field). It was founded in 2015 by the late Paul G. Allen and produced by Art Market Productions. The fair was postponed for two years because of the pandemic, but it finally returned this year. A variety of modern art was exhibited there from around the world.

Oshima Fine ArtGorotsuki Nobirou aboveand Yokogushi no Oshizubelowby Kazuhiro Yamamoto Photo RN

Several Japanese artists showcased their contemporary art at the fair. There were exhibitions demonstrating the rich “otaku culture” of Japan at a gallery of Oshima Fine Art. Some visitors might miss their childhoods to see some character works of “Doraemon” in the display. Those works seemed to convey a belief of Oshima Fine Art that all contemporary Japanese creations, such as manga, anime, and characters, have been passed down from ancient times to the present.

“The Manifestation of Light,” by Takafumi Asakura, also expressed unique Japanese culture in a gallery entitled “A Lighthouse called Kanata.” The negative space in the work is filled with words quoted from the “Kojiki,” which is the oldest history book in Japan.

The Manifestation of Light by Takafumi Asakura Photo RN