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Kodomo no Hi

Learning to wrap things in furoshiki.

By David Yamaguchi The North American Post

SEATTLE – Saturday, May 14, was Kodomo no Hi “Children’s Day” at the Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Washington (JCCCW). Among the simplest of public gatherings, the event included two indoor crafts tables where the activities were (a) drawing on your own furoshiki — a traditional package-carrying cloth, and (b) learning to package objects of varying shapes in it. In the same room, visitors enjoyed performances such as taiko, karate and Japanese dance. There was also an outdoor kiddie pool, where kids could fish out floating balloons. 

drawing on furoshiki Photos DY
drawing on furoshiki Photos DY

The visiting kids were captivated by all activities. Their parents were accordingly happy too.

This observer left thinking, what a nice event for kids and what outstanding outreach for the nonprofit cultural organization. It is the kind of well thought-out event that will bring kids and parents back to the center for other activities. 

The outdoor balloon fishing pool
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