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Black Skies (Not Smiling at Me) ~JCCCW’s Omoide

By Carolee Okamoto For The North American Post

What happens when the skies fall black?

When the World seems to be going totally whack?

With shelling and bombs raining down

On all the innocent cities and towns.

Watching the World’s beautiful “bread basket”

Being slowly turned into one ginormous casket.

Images of total death and destruction

Sheer evil on display with no compunction.

From within a dark and cold bunker

Where thousands now hunker

Memories of a once hot meal

Replaced by only cold and empty appeals.

The smell of hot soup by a fire?

No.  Just bellies filled with despair and desire.

The starving of innocents

Coldly wrapped and delivered with maleficence.

Are we really going to stand by and wait

For a Madman to capitulate?

The stench of death seems everywhere.

As World members, do we truly care?

How much longer

Can we watch this awful slaughter?

Have we not learned any lessons

From egomaniacal aggressors?

Or are we waiting for the day,

Just keeping at bay,

That unthinkable thought

That a past nightmare has wrought?

Another Hiroshima? Or Nagasaki?

A tipping point well beyond or worth repeating.

I pray we don’t slide down that slippery slope

For where there’s bravery and strength, 

there’s always hope.

Carolee Okamoto is a local freelance writer.