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Seattle Public Schools Dual Language Immersion Programs

Seattle Public Schools
Dual Language Immersion Programs

By Heidi Wrightsman, for The North American Post

Perhaps, more than at any other time in recent history, an international education is more important than ever before. We are lucky here in Seattle to have many schools that offer an international education. Not only do students, staff, and community come together to build a great academic experience, but they also embrace and celebrate global perspectives and support the development of Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese language skills.

Students can begin this extraordinary academic journey as early as kindergarten and graduate from high school 13 years later with a special State Seal of Biliteracy on their diplomas, ever more ready for global citizenship in an increasingly interdependent world.

Students don’t have to begin SPS dual-language immersion (DLI) programs in kindergarten. With the right amount of language proficiency already, students may be able to join a pathway in upper elementary grades, or even at the middle or high school levels.

The possibility for joining a dual language immersion program at any point is especially great news for families whose home languages are Spanish, Japanese, or Mandarin Chinese. Perhaps you know someone – a friend, a co-worker, or someone in your family – who may want to take advantage of this opportunity?

Many Seattle Public Schools currently make up what are called the dual-language immersion pathways.

In the South End of Seattle, there are two pathways offering dual-language immersion programs for grades K-12. One pathway is Spanish-only;  Concord International Elementary feeds into Denny International Middle, which then feeds into Chief Sealth International High School. The other pathway offers Spanish and Mandarin; Dearborn Park and Beacon Hill feed into Mercer International Middle School and Rainier Beach High School.

In the North End, there is one pathway offering Spanish and Japanese for grades K-12. It starts with John Stanford International School or McDonald International School. These feed into Hamilton International Middle School, and Lincoln High School.

For more information, visit an individual school’s website and contact the principal. You may also contact the school’s PTA and ask to speak with a parent who speaks Spanish, Japanese, or Mandarin. Additional material is at: