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One Year Since “Stay Home”

Dystopian serenity, April 20, 2020. Photo: David Yamaguchi

By David Yamaguchi, The North American Post

It has been a year since Washington State went under a mandatory Stay-at-Home order, which lasted from March 23 to June 1, 2020.

While there have been many challenges since then, we should not forget that the nightmare of the COVID-19 pandemic has also made possible rare scenes of beauty that we may never see again. Here, Sayuri Magnus and son Owens, age 4, play along the edge of Jefferson Golf Course on April 20, 2020. They would not have been able to do so were the course open, owing to the danger of errant golf balls, which commonly bounce into their adjoining yard.

The course was quiet and unmown owing to the stay-home order. It was perfect for weaving a garland of dandelions.