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The UW Night Market brings Taiwanese tradition

By Audrey Qiu, For the North American Post

When you think of the Night Market, what comes to mind? Is it the mouth-watering food, neon lights with dark sky, challenging games, or friends enjoying food together? The night market tradition has been around since the Tang Dynasty and has attracted large numbers of tourists for the food and lively ambience all over Taiwan. Instead of having to fly all the way to Taiwan to experience this great experience and delicious food, the Taiwanese Student Association (TSA) at the University of Washington (UW) has got you covered. It will bring the 20th Annual UW Night Market on May 9th at the Red Square and the Quad inside of the UW Seattle campus.

TSA is a non-profit student-led organization that aims to share the beauty of Taiwan’s culture. Every year since 2001, it has held a yearly night market. Last year’s market attracted over 9000 attendees, with 30 venders including Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea, Boiling Point and Seattle Best Tea. TSA is currently looking for new vendors and sponsors. For more information, visit www.uwnightmarket.com, or contact tsauw1@gmail.com.