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UW and Tohoku University Academic Collaboration Continues

Masahiro Yamaguchi, Associate Executive Vice President Professor of Tohoku University. Photo by Dan Cunneen

by Misa Cartier,

The University of Washington (UW) and Japan’s Tohoku University (TU) had their 2nd collaborative workshop from November 15th to 17th at UW Seattle campus.  The workshop is part of their Academic Open Space (AOS) program that was agreed between two research institutions in April this year.  UW and TU have a long history of collaboration in aerospace design and materials since early 90’s.  AOS is designed to foster further academic collaborations in four areas: next generation airplanes, space and international policy, natural disaster and hazard, and interdisciplinary research. Primarily focus of this 2nd workshop was to introduce researchers involved in these four thrust areas from both institutions, industries and government, and to build firm “research matching and connections”.

A reception party was held inviting students and faculties of the two institutions at Consulate General of Japan official residence on 18th. Completing the three day workshop, Prof. Tomonaga Okabe who led the workshop commented “It was a great success. This is a great collaboration. I hope to pass on this collaborative relationship to younger researchers over more than a decade.”

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