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Learning about Fall Prevention

Rocky Jorgensen speaks about fall prevention. Photo by Megumi Matsuzaki/ The North American Post

By Megumi Matsuzaki

Keiro Northwest’s “Fall Prevention Day” seminar was held last Saturday in its Garden Vista Room gathering over 60 attendees to share their experiences in the lectures by Rocky Jorgensen of Iora Primary Care and Coach Lisa of Pad Muddle Fitness.

According to the data, one in four age 65 and older experiences a fall in a year in the United States. Also, due to falls, an elder is treated in the emergency room every 11 seconds and dies every 19 minutes. Jorgensen explained that maintaining physical strength through walking and gardening will be a basic way to prevent fall.

Lisa, a medical exercise specialist gave a lecture about the usefulness of urban pole walking. She explained walking with a good posture can use 60% more muscles and 40% more calorie consumption.

The event also featured products to support senior lives with the exhibition booths.

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