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Wapato Sukiyaki Dinner Sells 1,700 Dishes

The 55th Annual Wapato Sukiyaki Dinner was held on March 6 at Yakima Buddhist Temple selling 1,700 tickets. About 200 volunteers from all over the community cooked and served 550 lbs of meat, 500 lbs of rice, 600 lbs of onions, 500 lbs of other veggies as well as shiratake, bamboo shoots and tofu with the special Yakima Buddhist Temple sukiyaki sauce. Shakuhachi, a type of woodwind, player Todd Milne, from the Spokane Buddhist Temple, was a featured performer. The 56th event will be held on March 5, 2017.

Photo courtesy of Lon Inaba

今年で55 回目を迎えたワパトすき焼きディナーが6日にヤキマ仏教会で開かれ、例年と変わらず大盛況となった。1700食が販売され、各地から集まった約200人のボランティアが再開を楽しみながら、毎年の恒例行事に従事した。スポケーン仏教会からは尺八奏者のトッド・ミルンさんが参加し舞台演奏を披露した。第56 回は来年3月5日を予定。

(写真提供 = ロン・イナバ)