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Fuji Ten Cent Store Burns Down in Fife Fire in 1964

Original Issue Date: Dec. 18, 1956 Translated by Hiromi Shirahase The North American Post

A big fire occurred at a building in the center of Fife, and stores and offices, including the City Hall, IGA super market, Fuji Ten Cent Store, barber shop and beauty salon were all burned down. The fire was buffered by wind from the southwest and expanded. Because of the lack of water and infrastructure for firefighting, there was no way for fire brigades from various towns including Tacoma, Puyallup and Sumner to put out the fire.

Fortunately there were no injured persons at Fuji Ten Cent store because the fire took place after closing. However, they lost their entire inventory.

The Horiie and Nobuo Yoshida families, who are executives of the store, said, “Soon after this fire, we were hearing from everyone, and we appreciate all of your concern and compassion.”

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